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A talented and well-rounded team of entrepenuers, scientists, and programmers passionate about helping victims of stroke recover their ability to communicate and live a happy life. edit. 

Ryan Ries (President and Founder)

B.A. Linguistics and B.S. Biology from University of Iowa. Experienced in NIH-Funded research and small business management. 

Brady Eilers (VP of Marketing)

B.A. Business Marketing and 2014 MBA Candidate. Experience with user-centered design and brand strategy. 

Dan Sirois (VP of Product Development)

B.S. Software Engineering. 10+ years interface design and user experience. 

John Lu (Lead Programmer)

B.S. Software Engineering. 20+ years systems engineering and interface design. 

John Slump 

B.B.A. (2016 MBA Candidate)- Experienced entreprenuer who led $10M fundraise from VC, Angel and SBIR sources. 

Jeffrey Denberg

PhD- Tenured Professor of Neuroscience at the University of Iowa department of Bilogy. 

Debbie McBride

M.A. , CCC-SLP, Chief Clinical Advisor, 30+ years as practicing speech pathologist. 

Mitul Sarkar

M.D., PhD. 10+ years in NIH-Funded neuroscience laboratory research. 



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