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Click here or on the image at the left to view a downloadable PDF version of the Iconotouch User Manual.

All of the Iconotouch resources you need in one place.  

Iconotouch video tutorials.

Are you looking for tutorials for the user or administrative interface?

Looking for the administrator tutorials?  They're still in production.  Please contact us directly at with any questions.

If you're looking for tutorials about the part of the program that looks like this:

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Who does the Iconotouch benefit?


The Iconotouch benefits a wide array of individuals within the spectrum of care for elderly adults.  Foremost, the adults themselves benefit from the availability of software that allows them the opportunity to full communicate.  For therapists and other care partners, the Iconotouch facilitates higher quality of care.


Q: How do users benefit?


Users can employ the Iconotouch in many ways: as a speech-generating device, as a memory aid, as a way to express pain, and a way of keeping track of meaningful personal information.



Q: Do I need to download anything to use the Iconotouch?


As long as you have a current version of a web-browser such as Chrome or Firefox installed on your device, no download is required to access the Iconotouch.  You only need an active internet connection.


Q: Where can I find out more about getting access to Iconotouch?


If you or your facility subscribes to the Iconotouch service, you can access it by entering your assigned username and password at  If you don't have access but you would like to learn more about subscribing, you can contact us at


Q: Do I need any special hardware?


To use the Iconotouch service, no special hardware purchase is required.  Any normal consumer electronic device with internet access and a current version of a popular web browser is all you need to access the Iconotouch.

Questions or comments that aren't covered in the FAQ?  We'd love to hear any suggestions or comments you have --- odds are someone else out there has had a similar thought or question, and we'll take the time to actively update our FAQ as more questions and/or comments from our users come in.  Thanks!

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