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Basic Administrative Functions

'Locations' Tab

'Admin' Tab

Explaining how the ‘Locations’ tab works, and how it can be employed to more easily manage users across a network of care and rehab facilities.

Getting familiar with the abilities of the Admin user role.  This is the top-level user in a facility network.  An important video tutorial for Iconotouch administrators just starting to use Iconotouch.



Getting acquainted with the administrative interface of Iconotouch.


'Care Partner' Tab

'User' Tab (Basics)

Getting familiar with the Care Partner role in Iconotouch.  A simple tutorial designed to acquaint care staff members with the user management features in the Iconotouch dashboard.


Explaining the basic ways in which Admins and Care Partners can interact with the User profiles through the Iconotouch dashboard.  This includes things like adding, editing, and assigning User profiles to Care Partners in a facility.


Advanced Administrative Functions

'Add' Tab

'User' Tab (Advanced)

An in-depth exploration of the different ways to manually create users with the ‘Add’ tab.  Recommended for Admins.


A look at the more advanced features such as the user cloning and template cloning features.  

'Custom Layout' Tab

The use of the Custom Layout tab in the administrative interface.  Use this feature to create your own custom sets of content.


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